At Arkitectura we have curious, thoughtful people on board who have a desire to express themselves through unique spaces, tactile materials and, ultimately, a special place to call your own. It’s our role to make that happen by coming with you on the journey ahead.

We are an architectural studio with decades of proven experience and many exciting residential projects behind us. We’re passionate about creating spaces and designs that are not only bespoke and beautiful – but, importantly, work for you and are designed around your lifestyle.That’s why all of our projects are built around the aspirations of you, the client. Not the other way around.

We also believe that good design can be affordable. These are the fundamental principles that we operate by at Arkitectura. Those principles have enabled us to build a strong reputation in the industry over the past 14 years, helping homeowners, developers, and contractors create stunning building and spaces for today and the future.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our clients choose us because our team is qualified and experienced, plus we have an impressive portfolio of past projects. In addition, we handle all sizes of job in all styles of home. This includes providing architecture services for new builds, extension projects, and renovations.